The monument “Victory” is located in the center of Tetovo. Among the locals, this monument is also known as the “Monument to the Revolution” or the “Monument to the Woman Fighter”.

Tetovo was the last liberated city on the territory of our country. A competition was announced for the construction of the monument, in which Borka Avramova’s conceptual design won. Borka Avramova (1924 – 1993) was born in Tetovo and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Avramova is the first Macedonian academic sculptor who organized her first solo exhibition of sculptures in 1954 in Skopje, which was also the first solo exhibition of a woman artist in the country.

The monument was built in 1961 and was placed in front of the then building of the Municipality of Tetovo. In 1965, this building was demolished and replaced by the House of Culture.

The monument consists of a female figure and a relief composition with a motif from the people’s liberation war in the Second World War. The female figure is cast in bronze in full growth and with a standing posture, placed on a bearing concrete girder. The work is characterized by simplicity and modesty, and is performed in a modern form, without classical anatomical proportions, which characterizes Avramova’s work.

According to Miodrag Kolaric, “similar to Ivana Kobilica in Slovenian and Nadezhda Petrovic in Serbian art, Borka Avramova has already shown her breathtaking power of expression and piercing sculptural temperament in her first performance. Not at first glance, since breaking through the tangled intertwining of modern stylistic and thematic comprehension, it imprinted its model and its material with a fine, very sensitive and poetic way of profiling, stepping out of the  objective world only to the extent to find its definite and logical stylistic continuation.” This work is present in many Yugoslav sculpture publications.

If you are traveling to Ohrid, this monument is an ideal road station.