The memorial ossuary is located on the hill Samoranica in Strumica.

Located at an altitude of 327 meters, the Memorial is the eternal home of the fallen fighters of the People’s Liberation War from this area. Among others, this ossuary is the eternal home to the remains of Blagoj Jankov – Mucheto, Geras Cunev, Sando Masev, Vasil Surchev, Kiro Abrashev.

The construction of the facility began in 1979 and it is opened on the Fighter’s Day, July 4, 1982, when the relics were transferred.

The author of this monument is Blagoj Kolev (1930), a professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje and author of several modernist-style buildings, including the Nova Makedonija building and Stopanska Banka in Skopje.

The monument is made of white marble. Brown marble sarcophagus lies in the middle of the wide plateau built as a concept of an open amphitheater, and the marble canvases are in the form of broken chains, representing the notion of broken slavery. At the entrance of the hall, the verse by Koce Solunski’s is engraved reading: “Homeland you ignited the fire, solidified ancient foundations, arched restless space, in the core of your heart”.