The student dormitory “Goce Delchev” is located in the settlement Taftalidze, at the”Mitropolit Teodosij Gologanov” boulevard.

The construction of the facility was solemnly started on the Liberation Day of Skopje, November 13, 1969. The building is part of the post-earthquake reconstruction of the capital, and similar to some of the other buildings from this period, it is designed and built in the recognizable style of brutalism. The facility was completed in 1973.

Its architect is Georgi Konstantinovski (1930), a famous Macedonian architect and professor, author of a number of buildings in the country.

The facility has a capacity to accommodate 1200 students, organized in 4 blocks each with housing capacity of 300 students. The dormitory contains single and double rooms, as well as a kitchen, restaurant, library, sports playground, park, etc.

The architecture of the building reflects the life of students with special dramatic details and features. The blocks are spaced at a certain distance, inserting the infinity symbol and forming a central courtyard. The atrium is partially open, fully defined by powerful bridge connectors between the high towers.

Konstantinovski’s student dormitory is a recognizable symbol of Skopje and brutalist architecture and as such is presented in many exhibitions and publications around the world.

Regarding his attitude towards architecture, professor Konstantinovski says: “The higher the cultural level of one society, the higher its architecture level. That is why the architect must know the architecture of the past civilizations in order to be able to locate himself in the time in which he creates”.