The City Shopping Center (GTC) is located in the city center, on the right side of the Vardar River.

During the 1960s, the idea of building a larger shopping mall in the city center began to develop. During this period, Skopje’s image as a regional center enhanced. The catastrophic consequence of the earthquake contributed to the idea of developing a regional shopping mall, resulting in its final approval in 1966. The plan included catering, commercial and craft shops. In 1967 a general Yugoslav design competition was announced. From 23 received architectural plans, the work of the famous architect Zhivko Popovski (1934 – 2007) was selected (in collaboration with Z. Gelevski, L. Markovska, T. Arsovski and others). For this building, Popovski received the state award “October 11”.

The construction officially commenced on October 11, 1969, and it was put into official use on April 27, 1973.


GTC is recognizable for the freedom of movement it offers by connecting the park “Woman Fighter with the quay of the river Vardar and 70% of its area is open, public space. It is made as a prefabricated type building, with steel construction and lightweight prefabricated concrete panels. Due to its openness, the original architectural solutions and the integration of the existing five residential towers built before the earthquake, you can hardly even feel the size of the building as you move through it.

It is interesting to note that during the first official visit of the British Prime Minister to Yugoslavia, in September 1980 Margaret Thatcher visited Skopje as well, and in the GTC she met with the citizens of our capital.

It should be emphasized that within the project “Skopje 2014” it was planned for this building to have a baroque facade. The citizens of the Municipality of Centar and Skopje, with several initiatives, including “I love GTC”, managed to save this building.

The City Shopping Center is a cultural icon and one of the most recognizable buildings in the city of Skopje and the modern Macedonian architecture.