One other important building in the Macedonian contemporary architecture is the MANU building- Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Republic of North Macedonia located on the left side of the river Vardar close to the Court Palace.

The building is built in 1976.

Its architect is Boris Chipan (1918-2012), one of the most famous Macedonian architects and a former full time professor at the Faculty of Architecture. He is well known for his numerous architectural projects in the country as well as his conservatory work.

This building is an impressive architectural achievement under the great influence of the Brutalist Architecture. According to Prof. Tokarev, the link between space and time of the building and its secondary plastic intertwine creating a perfect association to the traditional national architecture. Modern porches, verandas and rib-like slanted roofing surface contribute to this link. This building houses a number of small and one big conference room, a library, a reading room, sculpture garden etc.

It is the most award-winning Chipan’s building, awarded with the most prestigious Yugoslav architectural award “Borba” (1977).

Boris Chipan states for his own work: “It is futile to look for analogies in contents. The Academy is a monument of the contemporary and ensuing Macedonian science and art. I think of a fortress and it feels immensely cold. The colourful decoration of the Byzantine church would be pure demagoguery. I reject all concrete analogies and indulge in: the urge, overburden already with numerous encounters with the historic architecture. In addition, when the work is done, I discover that in the monastery lodgings of St. Jovan Bigorski, the old Macedonian craftsman, created an impressive monumental appeal in chestnut tree. I discern “a loggia neither in heaven nor on earth” from the folk tales, and in the interior, instead of the cold emptiness of the feudal palace, the warm intimacy of the patriarchal Macedonian home”.