The monument is located on the east side of the Government building.

The capital was liberated on November 13, 1944 (World War II), this date being marked as Skopje’s Liberation Day. This monument was erected in 1955, thus paying tribute to its liberators.

This monumental composition consists of 7 sculptures. Leading figure of the composition is a fighter with a rifle in his hand encouraging the fighters to attack.   He is followed by a woman and a child carrying weapons in their hands, determined to fight. Next is a fighter holding a wounded comrade with one hand and throwing a bomb with the other, then a dying fighter holding a flag with his last strength. Finally, a young man is shown pulling a weapon from his belt, preparing to attack.

The sculptures are made of bronze and are of a supernatural size.

The author of this monument is the Croatian painter and sculptor Ivan Mirkovic (1893 – 1988).

It became one of the most popular monuments of this period in Skopje. The monument is in excellent condition and events of different nature are regularly held in this area.