This building houses the Archive in Skopje, which is a department of the State Archive of the Republic of North Macedonia. Established in 1952, the role of this institution is to protect archive material in the area of Skopje and its surroundings. The building is located at the corner of Partizanski Odredi Boulevard and Moskovska Street.

The architect of the building is the famous Macedonian architect and professor Georgi Konstantinovski (1930). Professor Konstantinovski holds a master’s degree from Yale University and is the author of a number of buildings in brutalist style in the country, including the student boarding house in Skopje, “Goce Delchev”.

The building dates back to 1967 and is one of the first modern-style buildings constructed after the earthquake in Skopje. It surprises with its clarity and pure style and is a kind of a sculpture in the urban space, made in natural concrete. The architectural composition of the building is made of low and high gabarite. The low gabarite is designed by two crossed parallelepipeds placed one above the other, and the high one by a four-sided prism with a height of eight floors. Special emphasis is put on the concrete walls and the power poles, designed in flickering ribbed structure to create a sense of security and stability.

For the building itself the author states that it is his most beloved project in his career. The Historical Archive project has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions in the country and abroad.